Gradually taking your apps
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With a solid foundation in .NET Core, we offer performant and optimal API solutions for our clients. Using the Clean Architecture we keep our code scalable, easy to read and maintain.

Business Software

We provide all-inclusive solutions for our clients with a precisely tailored outcome. With our long term experience in making business software, we can provide you with a fully customizable project adherent to your preferences.

Mobile App

With a primary focus on UX, our mobile apps are made simple through a familiar environment in Xamarin.

Our broad tech-stack

(technologies we use)
  • .NET Core dotnet core .NET Core
  • .NET dotnet .NET
  • C# csharp C#
  • Xamarin Xamarin
  • JavaScript JavaScript
  • jQuery jQuery
  • WordPress WordPress
  • React React
  • Sass Sass
  • Docker Docker

Our popping achievements.

Take a look at the list of our greatest projects.

AmCan Software
AmCan Transport Management Software is a mature web application that combines multiple transportation software capabilities into one. With it you can:
  • Manage and dispatch drivers and trucks onto their loads and routes
  • Gather and print out accounting reports and bills
  • Upload documents through a custom file manager
  • Manage administrative settings such as role access and similar
  • and much more...
Tamber API
Tamber API is the backbone of a young social media app focused on creating communities and connecting people through music. It enables the user to post, comment, share, tag and react to songs from their friends or feed.
Patron Software
PopApps PopApps Logo
Patron is an ERP web software designed to accomplish a diverse range of functions necessary for company and business management.
Skenit API
Skenit API is the backbone of a gym management and check-in mobile application.
It helps to organize, track and manage individual gym attendees and ease the day-to-day routine of gym trainers and managers.
AkordBasic is a huge cloud accounting and web-ERP application oriented towards local businesses. It enables company owners to fully manage their finances, invoicing, payroll, employees, planning, documentation and more. It has integration with other softwares for feeding the data and enables users to create web shops right from their ERP control panel.
Akord 5
Akord 5 is similar to Akord Basic while being oriented towards government institutions, who have different laws and work principles compared to public companies.

Due to nature of project, we're not able to share more information about it.
Lymos is a platform for connecting car owners (individuals) and people who would like to rent cars. It cuts the middle man (car rental companies) in the process and enables clients to book cars at a cheaper price. Each individual can create account, add cars to their fleet and specify different prices for different terms.
InnerCamp Site
InnerCamp Site is a website for an international holistic health and training organization of the same name.
The site has been redesigned and fully developed to enable users to search, buy and learn from their training programs; while also being able to communicate to teachers and other students through an internal social network.
MMBands MMEstrada Logo
MMBands is a WordPress plugin that enables a show business owner to manage music bands and their reservations. Each band has it's own profile page with information and reservation calendar, where clients can see available dates and book them.
Younito Plugin
Younito Plugin is a WordPress plugin made for the Younito mobile app. It enables the user to explore various icons from different categories, look at their drawing animations and post descriptive tags about the icons. The plugin also enables the WordPress administrator to set up those icons, their descriptions, tags and more.
Tutorials done in the Xamarin framework for CZOR's project "My Career from Zero to Hero (02hero)". The tutorials were meant for a beginner audience, and they covered the following themes: setting up the environment, basics of a Xamarin project, starting and using simulators, basics of the XAML language, creating a simple Xamarin application, etc.

Have an idea for a project? Let us do the heavy work.

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